Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Claims Handled by California Insurance Guaranty Association Drops

occasionally we can take a look at this The number of open claims files being handled by the California Insurance Guaranty Association (CIGA) has dropped from a high of 85000 to around 48000, of which more than 40000 are the result of ...

NPPA Health Insurance

NPPA Health Insurance. Started By: Cody Smart, Posts: 6, Last Post By: Todd Spoth, Last Post At: 1.04.07, 3:11 PM.

Massachusetts Hospitals Push Insurance Enrollment

Massachusetts hospitals and community health centers are joining a major campaign to enroll residents with low and moderate incomes in subsidized insurance plans that are a key part of the state's sweeping healthcare initiative.

NFL Player Without Health Insurance Left to Die on Field

New York (AP) - In a stunning development, New York Giants special teams specialist Chad Morton died on the field on Sunday after a hit by a New Orleans Saints backup tight end.

First Ethanol Plant in Oklahoma Receives Permit Insurance reports that Spaceport Fuel, the first ethanol plant in Oklahoma, earned the state permit and insurance to begin operation.

Puerto Rico Unemployment Insurance Update

When it comes to the unemployment system in the territory of Puerto Rico, we’re talking some stand out factoids when it comes to the other unemployment benefit systems that we have seen across the United States.

Will Employer-Based Health Insurance Coverage Endure?

Will Employer-Based Health Insurance Coverage Endure? New survey gauges public attitudes towards health insurance coverage, choice, and mandates amid worsening danger signs, experts debate future of private health insurance. (more)

Teens, Trucks and Auto Insurance

Does it scare you sometimes to realize that you are driving on life's highways and freeways with teenagers and big-truck divers...and the same time?


just about everybody has some sort of insurance. insurance for your car, your home, health and even death.

New Jersey Auto Insurance NJ Car Health Insurance New Jersey Life ...

New Jersey Car Insurance For Young Drivers It is no secret that New Jersey has some of the highest insurance rates in the country.